About Us

The association „Operation 42“– abbreviated as OP42 – was founded in 2017. Both parts of the denomination illustrate the long-term intention in a metaphoric way. Operation represents a target- and team-orientated intention while the term 42 illustrates the “answer to everything” for science-fiction-connoisseurs. The superficial purpose is the establishment and securing of steadiness within an active and agile Gaming-Community, which respects, supports and strengthens all facets of modern Gaming. The personal identification of all members is a key aspect leading towards steadiness. Intensely driven movements of fandom have always characterized cultural phenomena. Those movements have started to find their way into the gaming sector. Therefore, OP42 considers the management and support of eSports-teams and streamers, who act on behalf of their name as an essential requirement for success. Due to this perception, the provision of a professional and welcoming infrastructure and assistance is designated to ensure an optimal set of surrounding conditions.

Text by Waldgespenst. Thank You.