Weekly Newsletter Issue 1/18

CS:GO Results and Standings

EU CS:GO ESL Meisterschaft Division 3

After two games against podCLAN (16-0)  and EWAVE ESPORTS (11-16)  we won 9 and won 7 lost games in 17th place.

99damage and 5on5 Major League Spring 2018

The ratings in 99damage and 5on5 Major League Spring 2018 Europe are unchanged.

Ask the management

In this section we want to offer you the opportunity to ask questions to our management, which will be answered in the next issue. So, do not be afraid to ask what’s important to you. We are also happy to contact you directly. Just write us under contact us.

Ask the players

In this week’s edition, we want to give you the opportunity to pique our FIFA players with your questions. Like the last time, you can just ask your questions in contact us.

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