Weekly Newsletter Issue 1/18

CS:GO Roster Changes

Our still very young roster has already made its first changes. We are proud of our squad and they work very hard on themselves. As proud as we are, as sad as we are, we recorded our first departure. Nick “FutureLife” S. unfortunately had to leave after a start-up time. Jan “joadSTAH” Sälzer will continue to support us as a sixth man.

We are very happy to introduce our two new players. Rene “stakson” Zeitz and Robin “RobSon” Grunwald will be joining our squad from now on. Both have settled in very well with us. We are sure that our cooperation will bear fruit and bring many successful hours.

CS:GO Results and Standings

99 damage

With a fabulous performance in 99 Damage 3.8, our squad is in 2nd place. We have 5 wins and one loss, which qualifies us for the relegation Div 2-3 at the moment. Standings

The next match is scheduled on March the 18th 18 o’clock against k0pfsache. – Info here

CS:GO 5on5 Major League Spring 2018 Europe

In the Major League we can claim first place in Group H with 3 wins in 4 games. Two other teams are also 3-1 and are in first place with us (ranking with statics aside). The next matches will decide who takes first place. Standings

EU CS:GO ESL Meisterschaft Division 3

We had exciting and instructive matches in the ESL Championship Division 3 behind us. With the standing of 8-6 we find ourselves in 19th place. Standing

Upcoming match against podCLANInfo here 


In EU CS: GO Main we are with a standing of 4-10 on the 141st place. Standing

Upcoming match against Team Clan Klassfest – Info Here


Ask the management

In this section we want to offer you the opportunity to ask questions to our management, which will be answered in the next issue. So, do not be afraid to ask what’s important to you. We are also happy to contact you directly. Just write us under contact us.


Ask the players

Just like in the section “Ask the management” we give you the chance to ask our players various questions. In this issue we specifically want to offer you the opportunity to get in touch with our CS:GO players. Again, you can ask your questions under contact us.



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