Announcement: New CS:GO Team

Operation 42 is proud to present our new Counter-Strike Global Offensives roster.

Marcel “Printek”

Jan “joadSTAH” Sälzer

Marcel “globe” Sundmäker

Nick “FutureLife” S.

Julian “fREIGEIST” Wittig

Our Team will compete in ESEA EU CS:GO Main, EU CS:GO ESL Meisterschaft Division 3 and 99dmg Division 3.

Innovative players and proven veterans form an asthonishing composition of our CS:GO team. We encourage them to learn from each other and are glad to have to opportunity to accompany them on their path to the top. OP42s management will support the new roster in every way possible. With the technical possibilities and the insanely high skill level of our players we seek to contest the top eSport teams.

OP42 wishes our team nothing but the best and a good start in all leagues. We are looking forward to see thrilling games. Keep on fragging.

PS: Let us know what you think about our roster =)

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